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Give yourself the best chance of success by starting with clubs that are built to fit you

Custom Equipment for the Best Golfing Experience

I’m just starting out, I’m not good enough to have custom built clubs.  Wrong!  In fact, exactly the opposite is true.  If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, start with equipment that fits you.  It’s not about price, or style, it’s about FIT.  You might really like those new Air Jordan’s, but if you wear a size 10 and you buy a size 13, you’re not going to perform very well.  It’s the same with golf clubs.  Start with a set that fits you.  Don’t try to play into a game to fit the clubs you bought.  Get the clubs to fit your game.  The difference between the off the shelf mass produced, one size fits all clubs and the precision mounted, custom fit golf clubs that you will get from a custom clubmaker is huge.  Clubfitting is the process of being fitted according to your unique, individual swing characteristics – the key specifications which determine your fit, can help you immeasurably in delivering more distance, more fairways and greens hit in regulation, a higher percentage of on center shots, and greater shotmaking consistency to reduce the effect of mistakes in your swing.  Professional craftsmanship and versatility come together to offer custom built clubs from world class component manufacturers Wishon Golf Technology and Knuth High Heat Golf

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Professional & Personal Customer Service Like No Other

So how does this work? How do I get fit online? There’s really no such thing as an online fitting. A true club fitting takes place in person, over some period of time and analyzing several shots preferably at a driving range. A 30 minute session hitting balls in a stall on a launch monitor is not a “fitting”, especially from a golf store who is trying to steer you into buying what they’re selling. It’s not as much about what you need as it is about what they need to sell. Sure a launch monitor helps to gather some critical information, like swing speed, smash factor and launch angle. But I understand that many of you don’t live near a professional clubfitter, or even a place with a launch monitor. So you look for help where you can find it...the internet! That’s where I come in. Utilizing the high tech communication tools of the 21st century. I can’t do a real fitting online, and neither can anyone else. But I can utilize my 25+ years of experience as a professional club fitter and builder to ask some questions, gather some information and make some informed recommendations. Most of my customers have been playing for years, and they know their equipment and they know their game. Many times they just want to move up to some new equipment, and need a reliable source who can provide it. Over 20 years of doing this online, I have hundreds of satisfied repeat customers. Give me a try. I think you’ll like the personalized approach I take with my customers.

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About Our Company

How Our Founder Learned the Craft

In 1991, Tony started studying club fitting and club making. He then attended the Golfsmith International in Austin, Texas to hone his skills. Shortly after that, he became a certified clubmaker by the Golf Clubmaker Association (GCA).

Establishing TSH Golf

Tony went on to build his shop and add more golf tools to his selection. Over the following years, he became a Class A Certified Clubmaker under the Professional Clubmakers Society in 1996.

Upholding a Reputation for Innovation

For the past 20 years, Tony has continued his education while building his shop, as well as keeping up with the golf industry and its changes. Presently, has accumulated hundreds of loyal customers throughout the years.

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We take a personal approach to each of our customers and do everything possible to ensure their satisfaction with our work. For more information about TSH Golf’s products and services, you may fill out the form to submit an inquiry. We look forward to working with you on your next set of clubs.